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Allywing Smart Podium

Allywing Smart Podium is a quality combination of smart features, contemporary design at a vry competitive price point. Power packed with ultra-modern features, it helps to keep the technology organized and hands-on. The Allywing Smart Podium is a comprehensive All in One presentation device combining virtues of interactivity, audio, computing, switching & controlling. It has ample space & cabinets to keep your laptops, books and other material organized and safe. This podium also has a separate space for Visualizer to help showing documents & objects on a wider base. Its been designed keeping in mind the Indian environment with lock & key to lock the complete solution safely. Also, the integrated PC with touch feature includes interactive software to make meetings & lectures interactive & productive.
Allywing Smart Podium streamlines communication, collaboration & productivity by integrating constructive tools into single presentation platform.
  • All in one presentation tool with a spectacular & world class look
  • Indigenous Design, Free standing, Rugged Body & Highly durable
  • Caster wheels with lock facility for ease of movement & safety.
  • Front Acrylic sheet customizable as per the user’s logo
  • Built-in highly sensitive Interactive Panel with adjustable tilt to allow the stability of panel and better visibility
  • Finger & Stylus touch panel for smooth & precise input writing experience. Annotation software with features to annotate, write, erase, draw, print, save etc
  • Space/cabinet to accommodate Book(s)/Laptop/Visualizer/ Keyboard/Mouse or extra presentation material
  • Audio system provided
  • Includes Gooseneck, Handheld/ Collar wireless Microphone, Receiver, Amplifier & Speakers.
  • Exhaust fans to maintain efficient cooling mechanism
  • High performance In-Built PC
  • Comes with different ways to restrict unauthorized access - Keys & locks.
  • Annotation software with features to annotate, write, erase, draw, print, save etc.
  • Allywing Smart Podium are the perfect addition in your Classroom/Meeting/Training room to inspire & transform the regular, monotonous presentation into vivid, interesting & interactive session. Our comprehensive range of AV lecterns are designed to accommodate all types of room space, including small to medium sized teaching rooms, large lecture theatres, agile workspaces, presentation rooms, meeting rooms etc.

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jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library created by John Resig in 2006 with a nice motto: Write less, do more. jQuery simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is a JavaScript toolkit designed to simplify various tasks by writing less code. Here is the list of important core features supported by jQuery −

  • DOM manipulation − The jQuery made it easy to select DOM elements, negotiate them and modifying their content by using cross-browser open source selector engine called Sizzle.

  • Event handling − The jQuery offers an elegant way to capture a wide variety of events, such as a user clicking on a link, without the need to clutter the HTML code itself with event handlers.

  • AJAX Support − The jQuery helps you a lot to develop a responsive and featurerich site using AJAX technology.

  • Animations − The jQuery comes with plenty of built-in animation effects which you can use in your websites.

  • Lightweight − The jQuery is very lightweight library - about 19KB in size (Minified and gzipped).

  • Cross Browser Support − The jQuery has cross-browser support, and works well in IE 6.0+, FF 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome and Opera 9.0+

  • Latest Technology − The jQuery supports CSS3 selectors and basic XPath syntax.

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Advanced Audio Coding

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is the preferred audio format for high definition videos and is a substantial improvement on the well-known MP3 format. AAC has become the standard for high-quality digital audio and DivX Plus® video supports AAC audio tracks with 5.1 channel surround sound to deliver a cinematic experience – on your computer and on DivX Plus® HD devices.

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